About 140 kilometers from Hanoi, Lac village is hidden in a valley and surrounded by mountains and covered with white fog. Over the history of over 700 years, Lac village becomes a symbol of the cultural identity of White Thai ethnic people. This village is attractive to a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

Some characteristics of Lac village, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

Previously, when Lac village, Mai Chau was not known as a tourist destination, the local people live mainly on rice cultivation, breeding and brocade weaving. Later, when the beauty of the Lac is discovered and widely known, the number of tourists has been considerably increasing.

The stilt houses here are all on the high and dry places; about two meters from the ground and supported by solid wooden columns. The roof is covered with palm or rattan leaves. The windows have the large size to get the cool wind and hang orchid baskets. The roads around the village are all clean and spacious. The village is surrounded by green rice fields, pure streams and layer upon layer of mountainous.

The style of serving the tourist here, from drinking and eating, accommodation to selling souvenirs, is very professional. Besides, they organize shows to meet the demand of tourists as well as introduce cultural features of the region. At Lac village, foreign tourists almost do not suffer from the rip-off or cheating. Regardless of the tourism development, they traditional values are still retained by the villagers. The traditional professions like rice cultivation or brocade weaving still has been maintained.

What to do at Lac village

Coming to Lac village, you will go in a small world of peace with simple thatched cottages.

Deeply entering the village, you will see the departments placed in the stilt houses of the local people or visit the market. The goods are very diverse with various types and designs including shirts, brocade skirts, scarves, Thai flared skirts, pretty wallets, bows, crossbows, flutes, wooden fish, gong and horns. Only with 10,000 to 15,000 VND, you can rent a traditional Thai suit.

For a smooth trip to Lac village, it is suggested to rent an electric car and bicycle at relatively cheap prices so that you can cycle around Lac village and watch the scenery here, which will help you completely escape from the chaos of urban areas. To enhance the knowledge of the regional culture, you should talk to the local people and you will get the opportunity to listen to interesting stories that you can not find in books or on the Internet. It is sure that the people here are very friendly and open-minded.

What to eat at Lac village

The discovery of the local cuisine is indispensable for traveling in Vietnam. At Lac village, as usual, visitors will have a meal with the host. The food mainly includes the natural products collected in the forest and cultivated or bred by the regional people. Some popular food for visitors to enjoy are bamboo rice, sticky glutinous rice, spring fish, pog, sour bamboo shoots, vegetables, hill chickens and bitter bamboo shoots.

There’s nothing more interesting than enjoying the delicious food; drink “rượu cần” (fermented rice wine) and watch Thai girls performing their traditional dances.