It is time to ditch your pecan pies and chevron quilt earrings now. If you want to look stylish and different at the same time, then let me share a style guide with you on what design earrings must you indulge in now that you are in college.

Earrings compliment age. There is no such a thing as passé earrings. Fashion earrings must be a part of your jewelry box, but one should know how and what to wear them with. Those that you wore in your younger days – fork and spoon design studs, may not look good if you continue wearing them to college. Likewise, as one grows older and reached their 30’s and 40’s, solitaire diamonds and pearls must be the new investment.

College students are at a complete advantage as they get to experiment with different types of looks and designs. This is your opportunity to try different styles of outfits and match them with pretty earrings and accessories. Get prepared to go overboard and splurge on these beautiful earrings.

These are extremely eye catching and fanciful. These earrings that are mostly available in gold and silver, are the best accessories for your maxi dresses or long skirts. Those who have a long neck must definitely give these a try! Wear a deep neck top and denims and you are definitely a stunner at college.

The cross earrings is a testament of its own popularity since decades. It is perfect for any college going student if they are willing to break all shackles and strut off this look. You can create drama with this look and can pair them with any casual look outfits. The good news is that it comes in all sizes so you can choose according to your comfort level.

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