Since the demand for scaling the IT infrastructure is increasing day by day, therefore, all IT enterprises are looking forward to lessen IT investments and complexities. Hosted services are nowadays gaining a lot of popularity because these services are the only solution to these issues. To reduce such complexities and costs, Oracle is providing highly flexible, standard-based, and enterprise grade solutions for hosting the applications easily on the cloud. To do so, Oracle has Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service. Oracle has also one powerful tool that is named as Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c which makes it possible for business users to manage interactive and social online experiences on multiple channels to drive more and more sales. This tool can be installed on Oracle Java Cloud Service for enhancing the customer experiences.

Following are the Different and Great Features of Oracle WebCenter Sites 12C:

1. User-Friendly Content Designing and Authoring Tools:

Using this amazing feature, business users are capable of managing and contributing web content in real time easily via drag-and-drop content authoring layouts. A non-technical user can also use this feature without any hassle.

2. Granular Analytics to Optimize Web Content, Offers, and Promotions:

This feature makes it possible for everyone to deliver and build influential websites that can effectively evaluate the efficiency of online content and campaigns. Analytics function not only just generates a report, but it is helpful in tracking on each and every asset, promotion campaigns, and visitor segments. Using this feature, marketers and editors can quickly evaluate whether a particular promotion campaign is giving out some results or not.

3. Highly Scalable Web Content Management Platform:

This amazing feature of Oracle WebCenter Sites 12C makes it possible for all organisations to manage the wide and complicated product catalogs with so much of ease. It offers an advanced multi-site management in order to manage multi-lingual and regional sites.

4. Access Content Stored on the Enterprise and link it with Oracle’s CRM and E-Commerce Applications:

The content of enterprise like videos, images, or documents, stored across the organisation can be accessed simply to publish it on the web via integrating it with a plenty of systems such as EMC Documentum, WebCenter content, etc.

5. Personalised and User-Generated Content:

Using this feature of Oracle WebCenter Sites, one can easily create a customised and innovative online experience integrated flawlessly with some third-party social networking websites that can drive loyalty, sales, and customer engagement.

In order to use all the features of Oracle WebCenter Sites 12C efficiently, it is better to become the beneficial by keeping yourself updated with Oracle WebCenter Sites Tutorial that can help you to learn how to use Oracle WebCenter Sites to the best.