Different games are liked by different kind of people all over the world. It all depends upon a number of aspects. Here you can get the best countries, where action, adventure and sports games are played. Other games too are popular in other countries.

Almost everybody has played mobile games at some phase of their life. But a true fact is that not everybody loves the same category of games. The category or the type of games played by the gamers vary diversely from one country to another. This election as category is based on a number of aspects, mostly due to the availability and also the mentality of the people. A number of other aspects are responsible for making a particular category of game popular among the gamers.

The Highest Number Of Gamers

In a recent survey, it has been found that the maximum number of gamers of mobile devices are available in China, whereas the 2nd ranking grabbed by the USA. A lot of games are available for USA and China at the beginning, as are most of the developers belong to those countries. A number of electronic gadgets and mobile devices are made in China, which is one of the biggest reasons behind the immense popularity of gamers in the country of China. But if you look at the category of games in different countries, here is a brief discussion on it.

  • Action and Adventure Games

As far as action games are concerned, it has been found out that the place of North America love action games, though the reason behind it is still not known. Maybe, the sole reason behind it is the ability to play high-end mobile games on the mobile devices. A few European countries like England and Germany also played the same category of games in most of the cases. The same goes for adventure games, where players of Canada too love playing adventure games apart from action games.

  • Simulation Games

Simulation games are very popular in all the world. Some gamers love to play and some gamers want to develop their driving skills. You can choose your vehicle you want. Especially the people prefering traffic driving simulator by car, also you can try truck, motorcycle or plain. This is a really fantastic experience.

  • Sports Games

As far as soccer games are concerned, most of the soccer gamers are found mostly in Brazil and Germany, due to the immense popularity of the game in the real world. If you are the Asian countries love playing with a game as it is one of the most popular sports after soccer. Thus there are a number of aspects which make it responsible for making a particular kind of game popular in a country. It depends upon economic condition, the sports segment of the country and other aspects.