Interested or Committed

In all actuality you must come up with the answer for yourself because you are the Creator in your own story. Here is my take on the difference between interested and committed, especially as it relates to goals in our lives. You can be interested in an endless number of things, things you will do when, things you will get to later, things you wish for. Things that you are interested in only capture your attention temporarily and are not assigned specific actions and tasks. This varies greatly with those things that we are committed to. When you are committed you are willing to do whatever is necessary, even when you don’t feel like doing it. Think about how many things in your life fit into this category. What are the things you do or attend to no matter what? These are the things you are currently committed to.

I’ve been committed to many different things and projects at different points in my life. I am certain that in the instances where I matched my focused commitment with dedicated corresponding actions the desired results appeared. Bottom line, you have to work for you commitments. Because of these past experiences I now have a profound belief in the validity of the concept of commitment. As a result I am convinced that the results of my current targets will also be positive and completely in line with that which I deserve.