Internship: Internship is fundamentally related to the academic where we need to apply our theoretical knowledge obtained from the subject during the course. The internship is practical experience offered by the industries or companies for those who are willing to or capable of beginning the career as a professional for a fixed duration of time. The internship is primarily offered for UG students.

Inplant training: Inplant Training provides practical knowledge to the students and gives a glimpse of how the industry works. First know basis of Inplant Training, its importance of inplant training and need of inplant training before applying for inplant training.

Main Difference between the internship and inplant training:

· Inplant Training is usually like a class where the students will get to know the basics of the subject. The internship is like a temporary job where you put your knowledge and work for an organization.

· For Internship, you don’t want to pay anything. Depending on the organization, either they will pay for you (Paid Internship) or they will not pay (Unpaid Internship).If you get for the internship, then it is called “STIPEND.” We don’t have to spend money to get the internship; just we can earn or not that ultimately depends on the organization where we work as an internship. This is just opposite for Inplant Training where payment is only from our side. We have to spend money to get inplant training.

· The internship is like a hands-on experience with real-time projects in the industry. Inplant Training to some extent will let us know about how to industry works.

· The internship is generally for a long duration when compared with inplant training.

· The internship will generally for two months to as long as six months but never more than a year. Inplant training will be from three days to two weeks.

· Internship I like a temporary job. Inplant training has nothing t do with a job, but it will never fail to bring strength to the resume.

· If you perform well in the internship, there is a possibility of getting the job in the same organization where you are an intern. Interns can be “hired” but not all the interns are hired. IT depends on your performance.