Dozens of demonstrators unsuccessfully tried to block law enforcement efforts to arrest Hebe de Bonafini for ignoring judicial orders to appear for questioning related to charges she embezzled millions of dollars from the nation’s poorest of the poor.

The so-called “President” of Madres de Plaza de Mayo is accused of siphoning funds from government projects that were intended to build low-income housing in Buenos Aires.

De Bonafina, 87, had ignored two previous subpoenas; the first scheduled for July 7 and the second on Thursday, July 4.

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A magistrate investigating the theft of $14 million in funds, given to the project and registered in the name of the Mothers, got tired of the senior-citizens’ behavior and ordered her picked up.

As is usual in this South American country, De Bonafina denied any wrong doing and claimed the investigation was “politically motivated”. De Bonafini’s patron saint, Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, the former president, is herself under growing clouds of suspicion.

De Bonafini is the mother of two children were were disappred during Argentina’s dictatorship — The Dirty War. The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo gained notoriety for standing up to military dictators in the late 70s.

Over the years, the group became close to Kirchner leftist government — and the recipient of millions of dollars the Kirchner administration had stolen from the nation’s working class.

One of the group’s attorneys, Julio de Vido, was one of the most powerful men in the cabinet of Kirchner.

A detailed history of the corruption in Argentina under— and around — the leadership of Kirchner can be found here , written by Pizzi Nicolas , a well-known, and respected, reporter with Clarin Group,