If you have a desk job but care a lot about staying healthy and fit, those two elements of your life naturally contradict each other since being confined to an office chair most of the time isn’t ideal for good health. Fortunately, there are several products you can pick up that make it easier than you might have imagined to focus on your health while at your desk.

The OfficeGYM

If you feel like your office chair alone just isn’t doing anything to help you reach your health and fitness goals, change things by ordering the OfficeGYM attachment. It slips onto the chair you have now, but it includes resistance bands so you can swiftly carry out some repetitive exercises in a low-profile way. The product comes with instructions for how to do over 25 different moves, so even if you often get bored when working out, it’ll take a long while for that to happen with this item.

The HidrateMe Water Bottle

Designed by five student entrepreneurs from the University of Minnesota, this high-tech water bottle pairs with a companion app to track how much you drink per day — down to the ounce. During those busy days at the office when you’re so swamped with work you forget to eat, let alone drink, the HidrateMe will keep you on track, either by glowing or pushing reminders to your smartphone to say it’s time to take a water break.

Some Air-Purifying Plants

Many of today’s office dwellers are under the impression if they mostly work indoors, at least they’re shielded from pollution. Although indoor pollution is often less severe than what’s outside, the air quality inside your office may still be worse than you think — particularly during the winter months when windows are more likely to be shut.

Fortunately, there are numerous plants that naturally purify the air, and you can find many of them in a garden shop or even the supermarket. Peace lilies, aloe vera plants and Boston ferns are just a few examples. Plus, scientists have found having plants in the workplace makes people happier and more productive by keeping them psychologically engaged.

The DeskCycle

Perhaps you already ride a bicycle to the office to save fuel during your daily commute, but you constantly find yourself wishing you didn’t have to stop pedaling once you reach the office. Well, thanks to a streamlined gadget called the DeskCyle, you don’t.

Standing only 10 inches high, it’s among the smallest pedal exercisers you’ll find. Also, the DeskCycle has eight resistance levels, and you don’t have to put it at the hardest setting to get results. By pedaling only one revolution per second at the third-highest resistance level, you’ll raise your energy expenditure by one hundred percent, helping you burn calories despite having a sedentary job.

The Lumo Lift Posture Monitor

This tech tool attaches to your shirt with a magnet and vibrates whenever you start to slouch while standing or walking. It works alongside an app that allows you to set posture and activity-related goals, as well as track progress over time.

Portion Control Bowls From Yum Yum Dishes

The workplace can be a notoriously popular place for people to take part in unconscious snacking. Often, it’s because they have full-sized bags of favorite snacks stashed in their desk drawers and keep reaching in to grab handfuls of food throughout the day. Before they know it, the snack packages are completely empty. Sound familiar?

Break the cycle with portion control bowls made by Yum Yum Dishes. These four-ounce ceramic bowls are perfectly sized for responsible snacking, and you can put them in the oven, microwave or dishwasher. The bowls also come with snap-on lids, so it’s simpler to carry snacks without worrying about spillage. Trade the original packaging for these purposeful containers and see how easy it is to control your snacking without much effort.

Just because you have a desk job, it doesn’t mean you have to follow an unhealthy lifestyle. Getting healthier at work starts with good intentions, and the items above will help you stick to your aspirations.