Yahoo mail account is one of the popular mail accounts. You will find most of users using Yahoo mail account, but there are some other email service providers too. Your Yahoo mail account has your contacts so your Facebook account too.

This would be a great idea to merge your Yahoo and Facebook contacts and get connected with all your contacts from both accounts. You can easily import your Facebook contacts into your Yahoo account. This also shows the display picture of your Facebook contact in Yahoo account’s contact. Well, you can easily import Facebook contact to Yahoo and Yahoo’s to Facebook.

Steps to connect Yahoo mail to Facebook account

• The first step is to sign into your Yahoo mail account then click on the Gear icon

• After that select Settings from the drop-down menu

• Now, from the pop-up, select Accounts by clicking on it

• Here from the Connected Accounts section you need to click on Connect next to Facebook icon and then click Okay on the next popup window

• Then from the Success pop-up window, go and click on OK

• And then you need to click on Save to close the Settings pop-up window

• To merge your Facebook contacts into your Yahoo contacts you need to click on the Contacts tab from your Yahoo mail menu

• Now you need to select Import Contacts option

• After that click on Import option which is next to Facebook icon

• Then click on Okay to redirect this into Facebook login page

• Once the import process will be completed you can see your Facebook contacts in your Yahoo contacts list

This is the easiest way to import contacts of Yahoo mail account and Facebook in a single contact list. Once you are done; you can get updated with your entire contact list. This is really helpful when you have some professional contacts on your Yahoo account, but you don’t have any connection with them on your Facebook account; you can connect now. The other way round; you can easily connect your Facebook contacts using your Yahoo account.

The process is easy and one time; you can import contacts easily. Yet, if you have any doubt or you don’t have solution with it; you can Call Yahoo customer support and service team on their toll-free number. This is easy to get instant help for your all queries related with Yahoo account.

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