There is support for NVIDIA Optimus: the device itself switches between integrated and discrete graphics, adding capacity when necessary, or saving energy during the execution of non-demanding tasks.

Battery lasts for 2.5 hours video playback. Using video from Intel or NVIDIA situation does not change much. Cost charging these two options do not differ.

As you can see, the operating time compared with L501x increased: in the video for about an hour. And in the mode of working with text and an Internet connection can now count on 4 hours of work.


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Upgrade path

Under the hatches on the bottom there is the only access to memory modules and wireless communications. Also, if necessary, we can replace the battery.



For those who bought the previous model, Dell XPS L501x, worry, in general, not about anything. It is unlikely that changes in productivity are fundamental. The rest, taking into account the prices advise paying attention to changes in the keyboard, good opportunities to play. Otherwise, Dell offers a good multimedia solution that can provide users with everything in which they may require the use of the house. Remember that the machine rather cumbersome, and time is not very large. However, in that there are advantages in Dell have built here a powerful sound system that plays a sufficiently high quality and deep voice.