Everyone during the holidays are hitting the stores hard, whether that be online or in-store. So how do you get all that stuff from the screen or store to your door?

There is a new platform that, in their own words, is “to disrupt the world of retail to solve the ‘last mile’ ecommerce problem.” Deliv, is a company that is now sourcing a new way to get all those gifts to your door with their crowd-sourced, same day delivery process.

The process:

A customer can choose to have same day delivery at the retailer or online, then a crowd-sourced driver, from Deliv, goes to the store, confirms the order and picks up the products.

In real time, the customer can see the driver headed to their home, the products are dropped off to the customer, who signs for the delivery and then rates the driver.


In my opinion, this is a platform, that if utilized, could actually have a huge impact on holiday delivery and really disrupt the market of the large delivery companies. The holiday season is the perfect time for this platform to take a real foothold in the delivery market. If they do not take a lot of business during the holiday season it could be hard for Deliv to really take a strong chunk of the market away form the powerhouse competitors for a number of reasons.

Deliv many not take over the delivery market

1. People trust the names they know
2. Customers may not want their valued presents in the hands some crowd-sourced driver
3. Older customers (not the Millennials) are stuck in the snail mail way of doing things

Deliv could take over the delivery market

1. People don’t trust the names they know anymore with a satisfactory delivery
2. Customers may understand that their presents are safer in someone’s car then in a truck with tons of other packages
3. Younger customers are shaping the new way retail works

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