The death of the PC, well I’m not to sure about that. The one that keeps coming to mind is that over and over you here PC’s are dying and that tablets are taking over. Well, the later may be the case short term, but looking out in the future that may not be case. Check out this article on “The PC fights back”  and look deep into the numbers.

With the likes of touchscreen laptops and desktops starting to gain some traction,  desktop and laptop sales decline has started to slow.  The mistake that PC’s and Laptops made was they didn’t get into the touchscreen business sooner. Touchscreen laptops are becoming popular for consumers with its portability of a laptop and its touchscreen functions of a tablet as well as a bigger screen to play with. Also, whats becoming clear is desktop PC declining sales are being to slow. With Dell, Lenovo, Acer, etc implementing touchscreen functionality within the desktops, consumer seem to like this feature on their desktops. Also, with their touchscreen formality desktops such as Dell’s 27 XPS is a beast of a machine with its 27 inch screen, New Haswell iCore 7 processor, and to top it off a nice 27″ QHD (2560×1440) Touch Panel which is basically the same as Apples iMac and you get get it with a bluray player too. Check out the new Dell XPS 15 Laptop with new 3200 x 1800 display.

As a former PC user, I can see why the specs of the new touchscreen laptops and desktops are enticing. That is why as a consumer, the future looks steady for the PC, and if they continue to incorporate and innovate around touchscreen functionality they for sure will gain momentum in the present of tablets.