This sounds like something right out of a horror movie, doesn’t it? This bizarre incident occurred on Sunday in a church in Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines.

Police Senior Inspector Heidil Tellen, Aurora police chief, told the Philippines Star that the girl had been suffering from a severe fever for days and was brought to the clinic for medical attention on Friday where doctors declared her dead. After which, the girl’s parents quickly organized a funeral at the church.

One of the family’s neighbor at the funeral reportedly removed the cover of the coffin to arrange the remains and saw the girl’s head move.  Video footage of the young girl waking up at her funeral and her father carrying her out of the coffin has garnered over 8 million views in three days.

According to Philippines Star, Tellen said “This prompted them to check and confirmed the girl had pulse and was alive”. He added that “We really cannot make confirmation on the status of the girl but based on the observation of the police personnel I deployed it appeared the girl remained in a state of comatose in their house.”

After the girl miraculously woke up, the girl’s parents quickly gave her water and took her to a different hospital for a checkup.

Unfortunately, this miracle was short-lived as the doctors have pronounced her dead, again, after being sent to a hospital in Zamboanga. Doctors were unable to find signs of life and have advised the parents to bury the child as soon as possible to prevent the spread of diseases.

In recent years, there have been similar cases of people waking up at their own funeral after they have been declared dead – In March, Walter Williams woke up in a body bag in a morgue and in 2013, a dead prostitute in Zimbabwe coming back to life after she was placed in a coffin and carried from her hotel.