Western Sahara is holding many attractive cities and tourists often pay a visit to these places. There are some noticeable territories that are present in the area. One among many others is the Dakhla. It is a disputed territory in Western Sahara which is currently under the administration of Moroccan government. People also know it as the capital of the administrative regions Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab. Here, we are going to list some information about the city and its history.

Current Analysis

Right now, the city is under the observation of Kingdom of Morocco. Situated along the Atlantic Coast, the location has a population of around 106,277. The distance of the place from Laayoune is around 550 kilometers, and it lies to its south.

The economy of the place depends mainly on three industries. These include the tourism and sports, oil and oyster. Tourism and sports are accountable due to the fact that it lies along the Atlantic Coast and the water games are highly enjoyable in the area. Then, the oil reserves are also present along the coastline. Many people name it as the major reason for dispute and two firms, one from UK and other from the US, began searching for oil in the area with the permission of locals. After that comes, the oyster industry as its farming is among traditional practices of the place. The people have prioritized its sale, and there are three main stages in which they are sold. First of all, the locals and businesses that are in the area are given the privilege to get them. After that, the restaurants that include famous ones like Marrakech and Casablanca comes to buy them. Then the remaining are shipped to Europe.


In ancient times, the city was under the command of berbers. The first tribe that came to settle in the Sahara in the 12th century was the Oulad Dilm. These people came from Himyari, Yemen and started living here. Later, Spanish played a big role in the expansion of the city as the fishing in the area attracted their attention. The Spanish fishermen started hunting for fishes, whales, and birds and they were doing it ruthlessly. It had a negative impact on the area, and the result was disappearance as well as endangerment of many water species in the area. However, this does not put any impact on the Spanish practice, and they kept on doing fishing, a job for which the established the city of Dakhla. In late 19th century, the territory was taken from Spanish, and there was a dispute between Morocco and Mauritania. The joint administration was given by UN, but recently, most of the members of UN were refusing to recognize the Moroccan authority in the area.

Regardless of all these things, the city of Dakhla is a great place to visit and attracts countless tourists from all over the globe. If you are a person that has a taste for Sahara and are willing to spend a few days along the Atlantic Coast, you should plan a trip to this place.