Right after Diwali it has become very difficult for Delhi it’s to move freely outdoors. It is due to heavy population and drastically increasing population. Population is Delhi is rapidly increasing and making lives impossible. Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has to say that if we use cloud seeding to induce rain, then the pollution of Delhi may decrease to some extent. Experts have mixed feeling and reaction to this advice of the Chief Minister. India newspapers are seen with one such news every day for the awareness of the readers.

What actually is cloud seeding:

It is an artificial form of inducing rain in the moisture filled clouds with the process of sprinkling the upper layer with some of the chemicals such as silver iodide with the help of jet fixed planes. Usually it is a known fact that rain occurs when the moisture content in the cloud becomes heavy and it no longer has the capacity to hold it.

Cloud seeding helps accelerating the process. It helps to make the complete process quicker and advanced. This complete process makes the rainfall, much easier and it involves many advanced technologies. World newspapers are also laying much focus on these kind of new and innovative news.

After seeing the condition of Delhi, completely merged in smog, The government of China has really taken a very good step for generating rainfall. It uses cloud seeding to fight rainfall. For cold clouds iodide crystals are used where as for warm cloud the common salt crystals are used. This will greatly help decrease the pollution and the increasing rate of smog. You will instantly get rainfall 30 minutes after the seeding is done. This process helps increasing precipitation, but the rainfall is not assured to some extent.

How far it is effective:

This cloud seeding technology as invented in the United States in the year 1940 but its rate was a success was uncertain and especially in the areas with warm weather. Countries like China, France and Australia have tried to induce rain, but it has proved to be successful only to some extent. This technology was found to be ineffective in the plain areas.

China is very enthusiastic in using this technology. It has already spent a million dollars in this technology. It has also exported machineries to countries like India.

Whereas the countries like Beijing has used weather modification technology to induce rainfall. During 2008 Olympic this technique was used to clear the pollution of the country. But, somewhere or the other experts also warn of severe air pollution due to excessive use of chemicals.

Pollution is increasing at an alarming rate. If the population is not controlled at this early stage it would be very difficult to survive in near future.