If we told you that you were a creative genius like Michelangelo—that you could be an innovator like Steve Jobs—would you believe us? Somewhere Kanye West is nodding his head vigorously in approval.

And you should be too. Because even if you have yet to release a Grammy nominated album, design a product that revolutionizes an industry, or start your own business, your imagination is as boundless as you allow it to be. We don’t know for certain whether you can dream up something as beautiful as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapels, but we’re willing to bet that you can. I’m willing to bet that you already have.

According to the internet, the human brain processes anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day. Now, we’re no neuroscientist, but we’re guessing that many of these thoughts concern mundane inquiries, things like “What am I going to eat for lunch?” or “Why do my farts smell like broken promises?”

Even so, that still leaves you with a handful of thoughts each day to synthesize concepts, theories, and ideas in a way that only you can, because your eyes see the world from an angle that only you know—because you are original to the universe.

These thoughts are the ideas that you excitedly scribble down on the back of a napkin or the palm of your hand. They are the blueprints for technologies that will provide clean renewable energy to entire cities—the premises of books that will inspire the best of mankind—the solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time.

Now, at this point you’re probably wondering “If my ideas are so great, why is it so difficult to be heard? Why hasn’t Whoopi invited me on The View?” There are no easy answers here. The investment in time and resources that it takes to turn an idea into something tangible is a barrier to entry that most of us just can’t overcome alone.

Even before raising money, you have to conduct market research to determine if the idea is worth pursuing. If it is, the next step requires you to get on a soapbox to try and find the talent necessary to take the idea to the next level.

For those born to families with wealth or industry connections, this maybe as easy as calling up a few friends for advice and then hiring the right people to make it happen. For those lacking such privileges though, the process is more challenging. Between working a 9-5 to meet basic needs, taking classes, or dealing with the curveballs of life, most of us have difficulty even finding time to explore the idea.

When we finally break free from the constraints of life to give it a shot, we often find that our soapbox is too small to be heard–too small to find the right people to help. As a result, the idea dies on the back of a napkin, its potential forever lost to the world.

Our team is launching www.crowdfluttr.com because we believe in you. We believe you have dreamt up ways to make this world a better place—imagined things more beautiful than Michelangelo’s magnum opus. If your idea is too big for you to build on your own, have no fear. Changing the world happens to be a team sport. Crowdfluttr is a crowdsourcing platform for ideas. We rely on the “Wisdom of the Crowd” to bring the world’s best ideas to life through open collaboration.

Users need only publish their idea to test the market and find others passionate about bringing the idea to life via a self-selecting process that lacks administration costs. Users interested in helping bring ideas to fruition, may submit proposals outlining the steps necessary to execute an idea or contribute work-product asked for by a proposal that’s already been submitted.

Those submitting work-product of high quality are rewarded via an equity interest in the idea commensurate to their productivity. There are no barriers to entry, no service fees, no application to use our platform. The only limitation? Your imagination.

However, we’re just getting started and need your help. Believe in us. If you’ve ever had a dream–an idea–contribute to our campaign in any amount you can, so we can help you make it happen. Share this page with friends, send any good developers you know our way, and sign up for early access. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Learn more at www.crowdfluttr.com!


Co-authored by Cornelius Range, V. & Christopher Cruz, Co-founders of Crowdfluttr
Cornelius F. Range V