The basic idea behind the need for a profession is to work and earn money. However, there are some lucky people in this world, who are able to play and earn money. Yes, we are talking about the professional athletes. Cristiano Ronaldo is one such lucky professional footballer. Ronaldo has no shortage of money. In fact, he is one of the Richest Athletes in the World. C.Ronaldo Salary is more than that of 99% of the world population. 

Do you want to know more about Cristiano Ronaldo Net worth? Do you want to know how the Real Madrid ace spends his money? How he earns his money? What things he buys? and what’s his lifestyle like? If Yes, then you have come to the right place.

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 Here you can know the 3 amazing facts about Cristiano Ronaldo net worth.

Fact 1 – Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth is Growing Faster Than Ever Before

The trend in the net worth of Cristiano Ronaldo is upwards. The player is earning money at a faster rate than every before. In fact, he was the highest earning player for the previous year. And during the year 2017, we can expect Ronaldo to earn money at a similar pace or even faster pace.

Fact 2 – He Has Multiple Sources of Income

Ronaldo does not rely on one source of income. The player has multiple streams of income which have really helped him a lot in growing his net worth very quickly. According to the wealth stats of Ronaldo, the player earns a lot of money from his Real Madrid salary. He earns a lot of money from different brand sponsorship deals as well. On top of that, Ronaldo has a number of side businesses that have ensured that the player gets rich quickly.

Fact 3 – Ronaldo Can Become a Billionaire

Cristiano Ronaldo has a very good chance of becoming the first professional billionaire footballer still active in the game. This can happen if Ronaldo continues to play for the next 5 years and continues to perform at the same level that he has performed up till now.