Summer is almost here and that means it’s time for some fun in the sun! The kids are on there way out of school and you are counting down the days till you move into your beloved beach home for the entire summer. Depending on where your beach house is located you will need to start planning on what things to bring along to actually make it feel like a home away from home. Let’s see we know we’ve gotta bring the family, the cars, summer attire, swimsuits, beach supplies, pools, sunblock, goggles, flip flops and you can’t forget the dog! Once you’ve got all your bags packed and drop some things off, you realize that your beach pad needs a little bit of redesigning. Remember it is called a shore house for a reason and you are surrounded by the ocean. So why not fill your home with some shore vibes to get you into to that summer mood. What kind of decor should you have have in mind? Well since it is a beach house it makes sense to stick to sea-like undertones, meaning your blue, green and yellow color palettes.If you need help looking for a store that sells this type of decor, try stopping by a vintage shop in town surrounding your shore home. Shore towns tend to sell decor with an ocean-like theme, so you are sure to find some pieces that will ease those beachy vibes right into your home. If you still need help on how to create the perfect beach home we’ve got a couple ideas that will help you kick back and relax in style this summer!

1. Create An Open And Airy Environment

Since you are living adjacent to the beach, it’s a no-brainer that you’d want to see that beautiful ocean view from the comfort of your own home. To make that possible purchase tons of light linen curtains with a crisp white slipcover. This will allow the sun to shine in your home and give it a more inviting feel alongside the perfect outside view of the shore.

2.Ariel’s Sink

Make all your underwater fantasies come true in your bathroom by adding a giant clamshell sink. This will give you an “Under The Sea” like feeling when you turn that faucet on and let the water run from the shell-shaped sink. You could also add a clamshell mirror in the bathroom to create more of an underwater effect. Next buy custom rta bathroom vanity cabinets for a finishing touch to your underwater bathroom cave.

3. Beachy Color Schemes

The beach theme cannot be stressed enough, so in order to make it known that you are residing at the shore you have to choose the right colors to decorate your home. Believe it or not an all-white room gives off a beach vibe, so if you don’t want to add any color you’re good to go. Choose some nice pops of pastel for your furniture, the combination of the sunlight and pastel colors will really make your shore home stand out.

4. Go All Out In The Kids Room

There’s nothing that kids love more than sea animals and adventures. Play it up in your kids room and decorate it with whatever sea animals they are most interested in. If your child is into whales try finding a playful wallpaper that incorporates a variety of whales to fill up their walls. Looking for cabinets to go in your child’s bathroom? Why not buy custom rta bathroom vanity cabinets as a nice addition to his or her bathroom.

5. Beachy Bedroom Decor

Your bedroom should be a place of relaxation and rest. Create a shore-like vibe in your bedroom by adding subtle, calming colors for your bedding. You could also add a wooden starburst mirror coral-styled lamp.