SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. In other words it is Digital Marketing Service. SEO service will be useful for those who want to promote their business through online. It is a common question which comes into mind how much should I be paid for providing SEO service. Here are the few factors to decide the price.

Type and Size of the website:

If the number of pages on the site is high, then the optimization works will also be the same. If the website has the fewer page, then the optimization works on the site will also be less. If the site is larger, you can get high.And if you are optimizing for the E-Commerce sites then optimization should be done from two views search and conversions where you can get high.

Competitor Analyzes:

Digital Marketing is not just about ranking, before generating the proposal know about the competitors and how active they are in social medias and off-page activities. To analyze the competitor use tools like SEMrush, Majestic etc.,

Current Position of the website:

Current Indexing of the site also has a role to play in deciding the price of SEO service. As an SEO Analyst, our firm will work on given site , and if required we will go for redeveloping the site if it is compulsion for the conversion and success.And learn about the audience by using Google Analytics.


Analyze the site and decide the keywords for which you are going to provide the SEO service. Cost factor for SEO has its own impact on the keyword. Competition of the keyword can be low, medium, high. Decide all the keywords and know about the search volume, competition for the selected keyword and work on the cost of your service. For Keyword Analyze use the free tool like Keyword Planner.

Examine the site:

Once you get proposal for the SEO service, start auditing the site. I know it is impossible to analyze the site completely, but to some extent, you can review the site. Once you check the site, then you can better understand about cost required to provide SEO service.

Duration for Ranking:

If client require the site to be ranked in the minimum period, it is evident to allocate more human resource for the particular client. In that case, can cost higher than usual cost rate.

SEO is the guideline for fixing the cost. While generating report know about the site and have a complete review of the site, analyze the keyword and its competition level for which you are going to wok and bring traffic to the site, and the duration of indexing and better position in SERP and generate the price.

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