Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell: “We’re actually thinking about the best way to help our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico and ‘Kickstarter’ is the place to begin.

“This is not a do-nothing Congress” he said. It’s obvious that Obama got Puerto Rico into its fiscal mess by letting them do their own thing. What better way to occupy our time in Washington than to shift the blame on someone else and let public opinion do the rest.

We dialogued various sites and Teespring, a T-shirt crowdfunding site didn’t make the cut. No one’s buying, not even if the T-shirt says “I helped save Puerto Rico and all I got was this lousy T-shirt”

“This will not be a bail-out” said McConnell, “People from all over the world will chip in a few bucks or whatever they use for money there, to help our neighbor to the north or is it the south?

We did this at great personal cost. It was either aid the nation that gave us ‘Mofungo’ or cut a weapons system that doesn’t work.”

“Now let me get back to the business of running America into the ground.”