Remember when content delivery networks were shiny, new, and a real differentiator? They were — and still are — hot, primarily because they have become necessary due to data-intensive apps, streaming video, and increasing mobile usage.

Companies such as Amazon and Akamai have benefited from changing Internet usage patterns, building massive CDNs as a result. According to Ajit Gupta, Aryaka’s CEO and founder, modern content delivery networks are heavily focused on POP locations and server counts. They also cater primarily to large content providers with consumer-facing social media sites and video streaming sites.

That said, the CDN industry has largely become commoditized. As with any product that has become commoditized, the content delivery network vendors largely compete on volume and price. For example, Amazon’s CloudFront CDN had over 20,000 customers back in 2011, making it one of the largest CDN providers in the industry. Akamai is even larger and is known as being the largest CDN provider in the world. Other large vendors include Limelight, EdgeCast, AT&T’s Digital Media Solutions, and CDNetworks to name just a few.

Though numerous CDNs exist, content delivery network providers have ignored the needs of B2B operations and many enterprise businesses in favor of large consumer-facing content providers. Though their content delivery needs aren’t as intensive as social media and video-streaming sites, enterprises do need an efficient means of delivering content to end-users and remote workers around the world.

According to Gupta:

“Aryaka’s CDN combined with our global WAN services meets the urgent need for high-performance, business-class connectivity and optimization for both private and public users who absolutely must access important enterprise content from anywhere, on any device. As businesses expand internationally, this need becomes even more pressing. Our CDN solution expands our cloud-based portfolio of networking services, each designed to meet those evolving enterprise needs.”

While other CDNs have become commoditized, Aryaka’s CDN is unique. It is designed specifically for enterprise users whose needs have been ignored. As more enterprise organizations embrace cloud-based solutions, mobility, and corporate video, their content needs are bound to increase. Fortunately, a solution is already available and ready to deliver that content quickly and efficiently.


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