I recently walked into an office conversation and overheard a colleague say “you can tell a lot from someone’s instagram.”  After joining the cluster and listening –  I rather quickly began wondering what the person thought they could tell from my photos. “You like clouds” was the reply when I finally asked.

In thinking about it for a moment and wondering if it was a conscious practice on my part, or if it was at all accurate, I soon left the conversation and proceeded to look back at the past months in pictures. Yes, I do seem to like clouds.  Staring at one of the more recent photos I’d posted, enjoying what I was seeing on the tiny frame in my hand – I went back to the memory of the actual moment I stopped and took the photo.  It was on a country road and I felt compelled to pull over to capture the grandeur of it all as it moved in front of me.

Clouds Over Farmstand

Emerging from the reverie, I started defending myself, for no good reason apparently as the comment was not meant as an insult or judgement of any kind. Well yes I muttered to myself, I do like the sky in general. But not only clouds, sometimes I just ponder the vast blue shades sprawling endlessly into the horizon…

No Clouds

The truth is, when the opportunity presents itself, I devote a great deal of time minding the sky’s changing colors and its overall appearance, especially at dusk. I once embarked on a photo series entitled “Who Paints the Sky” as a way of marveling at the colors nature and maybe mankind created. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has fascinating information about how this all happens scientifically.


With all the recent talk of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, this moment presented another opportunity – my version of mindfulness…

Clearly, as I interrogated myself, it was already a practice.  I was indeed, always looking up – paying close attention to the sky, particularly clouds, and would even take the time to make photographs. Photographs of clouds, even pictures of their reflection in cars and on buildings.

Reflected Clouds

According to the Psychology Today definition – “mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experience.”  On further examination of the idea however, it seemed much was still being missed. The sounds of the moment.  The feeling of walking and breathing and so on…

Fate, timing and the way of the universe then placed me in front of my television to watch Anderson Cooper on the subject during a 60 Minutes broadcast that aired on September 4, 2015.  I have to admit I was more “mindful” of all the ideas watching and listening to the ideals of the practice as it was being dispensed in this particular form.  It revealed itself to me more clearly and completely than reading about it or hearing testimonies of its useful or beneficial qualities. And from these exchanges over the past weeks, I embark on a new practice, born of old habits – looking at clouds on the road to mindfulness.

NYC Clouds