Choosing the right soundtrack for an event can really help set the tone for the occasion. Certain styles of music suit particular moments, for example at an award ceremony Rock and Pop can really boost the energy in the room and create that celebratory feeling, whereas playing subtle background music can smooth over mingling and chatting, and give a corporate event an air of sophistication.

Manchester is well known for being a city soaked in fantastic music heritage. It continues to be one of the most influential scenes in the UK, with hundreds of gigs and festivals throughout the year bringing in artists and music lovers from around the world to experience the culture. That is why we have put together some ideas of what music to play at a conferences or event in which you are planning, to ensure your occasion has that feel-good factor and captures the energy of the city centre.

Corporate Conferences and Business Events

It is usually appropriate to play something subtle at these types of events; that delegates can barely hear but adds to the feeling of serenity and calmness at the same time. Styles that work great are Classical, Jazz; and perhaps Lofi Hip Hop for younger participants. While individuals move from one activity to the next, instrumental music functions nicely to suit the change in energy; particularly for the duration of coffee-breaks or a pause in business proceedings.

Live music can really add to a conference or business event and be an excellent way to change people’s perceptions, switch off their business brains for while, relax and enjoy the occasion. A solo pianist or string quartet, as well as a jazzy live vocalist, can all work on condition that the volume is low so that participants are able to talk and hear each other easily.

Celebrations and Parties

The choices of music/soundtracks for these kinds of events are never-ending. They’re able to range from festival anthems, house, passing all the way through to K-Pop and rock! It will undoubtedly rely on the subject of the celebration, in addition to who is going.

To ensure a memorable celebration produce a custom playlist using systems like Pandora internet radio, Spotify or Apple-Music. In the event that you do not have the time or expertise to design a suitable party playlist, consider hiring a professional DJ.

Award Ceremonies

Music isn’t just played at awards shows like the Oscars for fun. It also helps keep the event running by letting people know when it’s time to come up to the stage — or to wrap up those thank you’s sharpish.

It’s also great for creating tension and excitement. For example, during the build up to the announcement of the award anticipating music can be played, followed by a blast and fanfare on the announcement. This theme can also be used at corporate events. Your music choices will be dictated by what sort of awards you’re passing out.

There’s a lot of variation here because there are lots of different types of awards shows! You can check out what the MTV Movie Awards played for an idea of what an event for young, pop-culture savvy people could sound like. Or, listen to what the Oscars theme song sounds like to get inspired for a high-end event.

So…how do I hire a musical act?

Give yourself plenty of time, especially if you’ve never hired live entertainment before. There are always things that come up, and especially popular performers may be booked months in advance.

Also, know that it may be up to you to negotiate arrangements, including prices. Do your research and ask around to figure out how much performers usually cost in your area, as it can vary. You should also know how long you want the band to perform for, what time range you need them to be for, and so on. If you give the band or their representation more details, it’ll be easier for you both to come to an agreement you like.

You’ll need to be clear about logistics. Is your event outdoor or indoor? Night or day? Do you have lighting and sound equipment? Where do you need them to perform? How loud do you want the music to be? Will you want the band to perform with other performers, like dancers or acrobats?

Don’t be afraid to talk to the band about what you’re looking for. Lots of bands are more than happy to work with you to get exactly the right experience for the occasion.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to figure out payment somehow, too. You’ll probably want your performers to be able to send you an invoice. Most musicians are independent contractors, but you will want to check on this ahead of time so you don’t run into any snags later.

Conferences and Events Manchester City Centre

The Bridgewater Hall is a world-renowned classical concert hall, recognised for outstanding acoustics and highly skilled technicians. The experienced technical team can provide a full range of audio/visual facilities and support to accommodate all events from small meetings to large scale conferences and events. For Auditorium information and equipment specifications, visit their Promoters and Auditorium pages.