It used to be that hardware companies dominated the info-communications industry, but in this current information era, it’s not the case anymore. Even the network giant Cisco feels it. Take a look at Skype, Google Voice and others.

With the availability of open source information and programming, software is not restricted to the hardware anymore. That is the main reason why Cisco sees the competition from companies like VMWare and Red Hat, where the main selling point is that their software bears no restrictions to any server infrastructure type.

Susie Wee, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Cisco has announced their plans. The first is the launch of the DevNet app store, a secondary portal where Cisco will release apps to be used with their current infrastructure.

Cisco wants to open the doors for developers to create apps based on their platforms, where it can be either done with collaboration in the aspects of cloud computing, networking and security interfaces.

More importantly, Cisco is opening up to their source information, where developers are able to gain access to hardware customization and are able to make the complicated Cisco hardware work with apps or software interfaces that they have created.

The results have been really positive so far – After the soft launch of the DevNet platform, Cisco has already 80,000 registered developers from a starting base of 50,000. This is a great start as they have plans to achieve one million developers within the next six years.

In its current stage of development, they are focusing on the making of software that can work easily with the network that they have, along with the infrastructure hardware. What Cisco have at this moment are APIs, developer kits, as well as the code samples.

This is not exclusive of the technical support and the developer community as well.

So all that’s needed is there to start off. What are you waiting for, developers?