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13 Tips for a Winning Job Interview

Congratulations! So perhaps you followed the 12 tips on writing a winning resumé and you now have an appointment for a meeting…an interview…Yay! An interview is essentially a sales call – so you sell yourself first (who you are) and your product second (what you do – your skills, ability and experience). So here’s my 13 tips…

Why Leadership Is Not a Job Title

Leadership is a role, not a title or a position on the org chart. And everyone does it. Skilled, well-educated people don’t like to be managed — being led sounds less unpalatable. Indeed the word manager has fallen somewhat out of vogue in recent years. But the distinction between management and leadership is as activities and verbs, not…

How to Change the World

“Change the World.” “Promote World Peace.” “Change the Trajectory of Civilisation.” “Create a Happier World.” Statements by Ban Ki-moon, Barrack Obama, Christine Lagarde or the head of a multinational charity? Surprisingly not –  they are the ambitions of leading business and management thinkers. And not purely from big-hearted, altruistic idealism, but from a sense of pragmatic reality…

Office Politics Sucks (Or Not?)

Office Politics Sucks. Most Would Probably Agree With This Statement. Well…sort of. What we really mean is we hate the negative politics: the gossiping, the character assassination, the backstabbing, the subterfuge, the whispered words at the water cooler. Yet we all engage in positive political behaviour, and successful business leaders are very adept at it. Politics is the art of…

Are You a Last-Minute Junkie?

OK…let me be the first to raise my hand…I have been known to start a little too close to a deadline. If some item isn’t getting through the noise of other stuff-to-do then it is either not important enough or you’re procrastinating. Not important: fine. (You sure? Fine.) Procrastinating: you’re in danger of being or…

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