A research paper template is a model, an outline or a guide that helps a student forge the way forward while writing their academic papers. Writing without a guide is more like going for a blind; you have no clue what the outcome will be. But with a guide, a lot of time can be saved due to minimal guesswork or extensive research involved.

Students who are testing their writing skills for the first time need a paper template more than continuing students. The template will show them the fonts used, the size of space between sentences and paragraphs, how to cite sources and much more. Without this valuable manual, a student’s work will be considered sloppy.

However, not all templates have been written well or can be used in writing any paper. Before we jump ahead of ourselves, we need to know that there are many formats used in academic work and all have rules guiding them. The most common ones are APA, MLA, Chicago and CBE. Each format has its own fonts, headers, borders, headers, footers, first page, introduction, index and reference page. You can’t mix formats.

Before you can select a term paper template, you need to absorb some tips that will help you pick something that will make your write up consistent and coherent. Here are those tips:

What kind of document do you want to write?

There are many types of documents. A few of them are cumulative, expository, critical instance, illustrative and exploratory. Each takes a different format and you’ll need to choose a suitable option for a particular project format.

Related topic/coursework

Choosing a template from a related course can help newbies find a way around writing. You can rephrase the content used and follow the format in every way if it sticks to the guidelines given by your tutor.

Download free templates

You also have the option to download a free template online or buy custom papers at a small fee. In case of custom papers, you’ll need to do some small editing and fact checking before submission. Free templates, on the other hand are usually too general and thus, might offer little help.

Remember, you don’t have to struggle with the project that looks like pronouncing Greek words. You can request to have paper writing help as you try to find your way around academic writing. For those who must go ahead to learn from a research paper template, make sure you do a good job that will impress your tutor.