Many anglers prefer using fishing kayaks(check this complete guide- when out for a fishing trip. The kayaks allow them to access any place on the water as compared to other fishing vessels and this makes their fishing great especially if you are fishing on saltwater. For the best moments when fishing, having a perfect fishing reel can make a big difference in what you will bring home. You need to choose the best reel for fishing so that you catch more fish. Here are some tips that will guide you through as you pick your fishing reel for saltwater fishing.

Body Material

Different materials are used to make the body of spinning reels. Because you are selecting a fishing reel for saltwater fishing, it is great if you look for a model that is designed with a corrosion resistant material so that it can last for long. Some of the strongest materials that you can go for include graphite and cast aluminum.

The Spool

Spools are also made with different materials like graphite or aluminum. It is great if you consider the type of spool that is included in your reel. The spools are available in different sizes, so you need to choose the right size to suit your fishing.


For you to achieve the best smooth rotation when you are fishing on saltwater, your fishing reel should have the right bearing count. If you have a lesser bearing, your reel is going to handle jerky, and you will not enjoy a smooth performance especially if you are fighting with big fish. Have your bearing count high so that you can enjoy fishing on saltwater.


Check the durability of the fishing reel. After all, you do not want to keep buying spinning reel now and then. You can invest on a quality fishing reel that will provide you with long-term use.

Line Capacity

The line capacity is also another great consideration that you should not forget. If the line capacity is not heavy enough, you will experience a hard time catching big game fish. The capacity of the line you choose highly depend on the size of the spool that you have.

With your fishing kayak(for fishing kayak buying read this informative post), you can get the most fish on a saltwater body. Get the best reel that is designed to handle saltwater condition, and you will have a very successful fishing experience.