Many factors contribute to the exact type of carpet cleaning individual will require. These factors can range from the age of the carpet, the materials the carpet is made from, etc. Often times, carpet cleaning companies will claim that they are using high quality products, intricate techniques and methods, and other advanced services. Realistically, you need to find quality carpet cleaning services that aren’t going to sabotage your lovely new area rug by accurately determining the correct treatment for your carpet. For example, if you have a natural fiber carpet, you need to use the hot water extraction method to ensure that your fibers do not shrink. Guelph Carpet Cleaners’ quality service, excellent reputation, years of experience, and talented technicians ensures that your carpets are in the best hands.

Guelph Carpet Cleaners offer:

· Interim Carpet Cleaning

All workplaces throughout Ontario have a myriad of high-traffic areas, and these are the places where the most dirt attracts. It’s also where the most wear and tear occurs. Regular carpet cleaning helps keep these areas looking like brand new.

· Spot Carpet Cleaning

You’ll see technicians working on this process when only specific areas of the carpet have unwanted spots that need removing.

· Anti-Static Electricity

Guelph Carpet Cleaning will treat carpets with a unique spray to help prevent the building up of static electricity throughout the room.

· Fabric and Carpet Protection

This offering is not only for carpets, but also soft fabric materials. Once steam cleaning is complete, customers are made aware of the fact that the solution does eventually begin wearing off after a period. Therefore, a reapplication is necessary.

Before starting any project, carpet cleaning companies should determine a variety of options for clients, depending on the type of carpets that need cleaning. Verifying the age of the carpets, the traffic patterns, and other unique factors, a Guelph’s carpet cleaning services can successfully quote and ensure effective prices so that clients are never surprised.