file0001727968192Selecting a home where you can comfortably spend your golden years take some planning and effort. Know your budget and goals. Follow this checklist for touring retirement communities to ensure you land in the right situation for your circumstances.

Determine Your Budget and Location

The first step is to set a retirement budget and stick to it. Try not to get in over your head. Save money for inflation, traveling and other needs that might arise. Select a location where you can enjoy your favorite activities. Consider whether you would prefer to be close to the conveniences of a city or prefer a quiet, countrified environment for your senior days.

Trial Stay

To see if the retirement community suitable, live there for a few days to see if you like it. You can stay in one of their guest rooms and see what the surroundings feel like. You can also check out the dining room, meet the staff, and taste their different foods. You can talk to the activity director to find out what fitness programs and activities they have to offer. It gives you a more complete overview of what your daily retirement lifestyle will be.


If you have a furry companion, you should verify whether pets are allowed. At certain retirement housing, they permit small dogs and cats in their community so you don’t have to worry about leaving your pet behind. Besides, it is a proven fact that having a pet can help you alleviate stress and appreciate loving companionship.


It is important to know on-site services are offered at retirement home communities. The services may be different in each community. Most should include, a computer area, hair salon, card room, fitness area, movie theater and a library. The community might have a health care center for exercising and a swimming pool. Verify whether meals, housekeeping, security services and landscaping are provided. You might also want to choose a community that can provide assisted living conditions in case of future health concerns.

With these factors in mind, you are ready to select a retirement community where you can feel safe and have great times for years to come.