When it comes to protecting guns and valuables, everyone wants the best security their money Stack can buy. But with all of the options available on the market, it’s easy for potential safe buyers to get overwhelmed or swindled into buying worthless cheap gun safes that offer no protection whatsoever. In the world of small safes, there’s a large selection of options for buyers with a budget in mind, though not all safes are created equal. With a list price of under USD$1000, the following safes provide competitive protection against prying and cracking without costing a fortune.

Liberty safes have a reputation like no other, as they are best known for their demonstration centurion videos that show just how tough their safes are. Liberty develops several lines of safes for different applications, with products ranging from entry level cheap gun safes that cost as little as $600 to safes that cost approximately USD$5000 and provide legendary protection against all forms of intrusion and theft. Their entry level safes, known as the Centurion models, are a superior choice considering that they outperform almost every safe in their price range.

The Centurion entry safes are available in three different designs known as Explorer, Voyager, and Deluxe. Each of these safes is resistant to temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, with the more expensive Deluxe being able to withstand the heat of a house fire for over an hour. The multi-layer fire protection padding also ensures that the valuables inside the safe are undamaged. https://gunsafeable.com/hornady-security-rapid-gun-safe-review/

All centurion safes are built with 12-gauge steel and have 1-inch thick locking bolts that make paying almost impossible. The durable black textured finish is resistant to minor scratches and scuffs, meaning the sales will look new for years. The most budget efficient choice among the Centurion safes is the Explorer, as it provides the renowned security of a liberty safe while still remaining compact and wallet-friendly. All liberty safes are available in a variety of sizes, but the Explorer 12 ($600, 12 guns, 350 pounds) and Explorer 17 ($800, 18 guns, 400 pounds) are excellent options for novice gun collectors who want the famed quality of a Liberty safe without all of the bells and whistles.

The Explorer safes can withstand a 1200 degrees Fahrenheit fire for approximately half an hour, which is a considerable amount of time when compared to other low-budget safes. All liberty safes are UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approved, meaning that they offer exceptional protection against even the most skilled safe-crackers. The lowest security entry-level Centurion can take 10 minutes or more to pry into; that’s incredible when compared to leading competitors.