I’ve been using chainsaws for quite a while, though I never really was particularly fussed about getting the best chainsaw for sale on the market, as long as it could fell a tree swiftly and safely. I used to be a logger but I also used my small gas chainsaw for chores around my garden and farm. Since there’s a lot of space where I live, there’s never any shortage of jobs to do. One day, when my gas chainsaw broke, I was left to look for an alternative. I set out on the hunt for the best chainsaw I could find and proceeded to read chainsaw reviews from various sources. In the end, I decided to buy another gas chainsaw for jobs which were further away from any electric supply. You can read as many chainsaw reviews as you want but the best chainsaw for long distance jobs will always be the gas powered chainsaw, despite many electric there being numerous electric chainsaws for sale which claim to have the same long distance/remote capabilities as gas powered chainsaws. Nevertheless I also wanted a Husqvarna Smart Start for my garden. Call me old fashioned but, I’d never tried an electric chainsaw before so I was quite curious.

I decided to go with one of my favorite brands, Makita with them I knew I would get the best chainsaw at a reasonable (though not dirt cheap) price. Out of all the chainsaws for sale both online and offline, I trusted this brand the most. Not only are the Makita chainsaw reviews top notch, they have also been around for years, way before I was born, and they are one of the most well-respected names in power tools. My friends usually choose DEWALT, but nonetheless they respect Makita greatly.

First off, I would warn against beginners getting this particular model. At over $200, it’s pricey, and it has that price for a reason it’s a commercial grade, industrial power tool. It’s not meant for light use, so if you’ve never owned or operated a chainsaw before I would suggest that you buy a smaller, less demanding model, I’d recommends either Stihl or Poulan there are some great chainsaws that go for under a hundred bucks brand new. True, the starters may not be the best chainsaw you will ever use, but one has to start somewhere. My advice would be to read chainsaw reviews extensively because the lower priced chainsaws can be something of a nightmare if you go in uneducated since some of them are cheaply made and quite frankly, rather dangerous. Always do your due diligence beforehand.

The Makita UC4030A Chainsaw itself works very well; it’s nothing less than I would expect from Makita, to be perfectly honest. I wouldn’t say it the absolute best chainsaw I’ve ever handled but it’s right up there, especially for the price. The new rubber grip handles really comfort my hands through the rigorous work, and help me to last longer than with my other drills, not to mention give me more control when I am working. It’s a simple touch, yet decidedly effective again, nothing less than I would expect from such a well-renowned brand as Makita. Increasing the comfort further, when you turn the chainsaw on it starts soft, meaning that there is not too much current from the start, minimizing the risk of failure further down the line. I read about this property in a number of the many chainsaw reviews I read and it’s partly what swayed my purchase in favor of this specific model. Makita has clearly studied the operation of their tools in great detail they make these little improvements which have such a big effect on how the tool is used. Maybe the average DIY person wouldn’t care about these things, so I guess I’m just talking from a tradesman’s point of view since this is the type of person the UC4030A is aimed at. More little things are the current limiter which lowers current at times of high usage to prevent damage to the motor and the nifty little window to the oil reservoir which lets you see how much oil is left. My old gas chainsaw didn’t have these things sure it was powerful, but it was more of a brute force power tool it didn’t have as much protection, safety or convenience as this Makita electric chainsaw.

With all these features in place, you would think that the tool would weigh quite a lot more than the typical chainsaw, but that is simply not the case. It weighs only around 11 lbs, making it significantly lighter than my old gas chainsaw. I think Makita have always been ones for efficiency: getting the most power out of the least mass they have always opted for compact tools as opposed to unnecessarily large ones.

As an industrial guy, I was surprised at how easy this chainsaw is to get going. I don’t have to change/check oil, mess around with spark plugs etc., I can just pull the trigger and go. It really is a breath of fresh air for me, as a person who is used to having to take an age just to get started. Sure, I can’t use it in the middle of the woods where I still need a big gas chainsaw, but it has saved me so much time and effort doing the small to medium sized jobs around my garden. From all the chainsaws for sale out there, I’d recommend the Makita UC4030A for anybody looking for the best chainsaw with a price range of around 200 bucks, but I must repeat, if you’re going to go lower than that you really have to read a lot of chainsaw reviews in order to stop yourself from having a dangerous accident.