If you have been blogging for a while now, you will know that it is very easy to quit your blog and bid goodbye to your goal of becoming a popular and successful blogger, but it is hard to stay persistent and hold on to this goal.

By positively reinforcing yourself for every small step taken towards your goals, every little achievement, be that may starting a new blog, or writing a new post after a long gap, or getting a mention on a popular website; you are basically training yourself to continue taking such steps.

And how do you reinforce your actions positively? Give yourself a pat on the back, buy yourself something you like or just spoil yourself with your favourite food.

Do not give yourself a hard time by punishing yourself for every time you’ve procrastinated writing that blog post or when your blog went unnoticed or you didn’t win the accolade you were expecting to get.

At the end of the day, we are all social animals.

We get affected by the actions and reactions of other people and the way we handle such emotional turmoils defines how effective or ineffective we are. Emotional Intelligence is all about recognizing and managing one’s own and others’ emotions and feelings.

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