Are you planning to change your doors and windows shortly? So that you can make the right choices, we present here the points to consider as well as the models to the taste of the day.

The doors

The door of a house is a little like the handshake of a first encounter: it determines the first impression. It is therefore important to make a wise choice when choosing it.

• Wood. This noble, thermally effective material provides a luxurious feel, but you have to be willing to pay for it every five years.

• Fiberglass. This maintenance-free material, known for its insulating qualities and durability, mimics the finish of the wood grain while providing the durability of the steel. Its sometimes artificial appearance does not appeal to all.

• Steel. Shock-resistant and offering the best value for money, this conductive material is sensitive to rust and does not provide optimum insulation compared to wood.

• Aluminum. Available in a wide range of models and colors, this recyclable and durable material is ideal for sliding doors. On the other hand, it is not very resistant to shocks.

The models

• Single or double. It is the architectural style of your home that will dictate your choice between a single or double door. Note that the center of the latter can be fixed or mobile. The dual models have the advantage of being able to pass large furniture, which is convenient during a move, for example.

• Full or glazed. If a solid door increases the thermal insulation and safety, a glass door at the top or glazed from top to bottom increases the brightness.

• With or without transom. In addition to its decorative function, the glass-fronted impost placed above a door serves mainly to let light enter the house.

• With or without side glass panel. Possessing the same advantages as the glazed transom, the side panel is designed to match the door and can be adorned with a stained glass window.

The glazing

• The clear glass provides unmatched transparency that allows maximum natural light to enter the interior of the house. However, privacy is compromised with this type of glazing.

• Textured , frosted, sandblasted, satin, diamond or lined glasses are the guarantors of the privacy of the occupants, but they can limit the passage of daylight.

• The forms of glazing (rectangle, half-moon, oval, etc.) at the top, center or on the sides – ornamented or not by metal inserts – provide uniqueness to a door.

• The stained glass allows a personalized key to be integrated into the entrance door. Classic, contemporary, floral, bronze, abstract, or cathedral way, there is something for everyone! Learn more about door buying guide and it will help more reclaimed door buying guide.