If you are looking to buy sunglasses, we must tell you. It makes most sense to get one on EMI finance. Men’s sunglasses are just some of the products that you can get on no cost EMI plans. These help you save on interest costs and processing fees.

However, simply buying any pair of sunglasses won’t do. When you buy sunglasses for men & women on EMI, you should possess a careful understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t. Here are some vital pointers that you should always keep in mind whenever you venture out to buy branded sunglasses with EMI Cards.

Buy Eyewear on EMI With These Tips

Want to buy sunglasses for women with no cost EMI or men? Check out these valuable pointers-

  • Aim to find a pair of sunglasses that complement the shape of your face. The rule of thumb is that the shape of the sunglass should be contrasting to your face shape
  • Invest in sunglass pairs with classic shapes so that they can be worn for several years at a stretch. It makes sense to buy branded Wayfarer sunglasses with EMI card in this case for example

You can easily buy spectacle frames with EMI cards from the latest and best brands. You can also buy Aviator sunglasses on EMI which you have been coveting from time immemorial. This is possible because the EMI card helps you repay your loan in convenient monthly installments minus any interest or other charges.

Should You Buy Oval Men’s Sunglasses With No Cost EMI or Any Other Shape?

Should you buy rectangular sunglasses for men & women on EMI or choose any other shape? Whenever you buy eyewear on EMI, here are some shape related tips that you should always keep in mind:

  • Those with square faces (strong jaw which is same as the forehead in terms of width) should look for round frames or classic Aviators
  • Those with round faces (widest part of the face is the cheek) should seek rectangular sunglasses since these create an illusion of a more angular face. Go for darker colors if you have darker skin or hair yourself. Otherwise, stick to yellows and browns with slight curves
  • Those with long faces (face is longer than it is wide) should try sunglasses that do not cross the widest part of your face. Stick to frames with 1:1 ratios for length to width
  • Those with triangular faces (defined or pointed chins and wider foreheads) should choose rectangular sunglasses for balancing out the ratio of the forehead to the chin

Buy Cat-Eye Sunglasses For Women With No Cost EMI Plans

From your girl’s favorite cat-eye sunglasses to your coveted Wayfarers, you can now buy all the latest and hottest sunglasses with your EMI card. This card functions like a pre-approved loan for the premium and designer sunglasses that you purchase. You only have to repay the principal amount in easy monthly installments that do not hurt your pocket. You do not have to pay anything in terms of down payment or processing fees. Also, there are no interest costs to bear with your monthly EMIs. Can it really get better than this? Go ahead, bring home that pair of sunglasses you are dying to buy!