It is often said that the eyes are windows to the soul which is why makeup places a lot of focus on them. They’re equally attractive as the lips as the assert power and appeal. Enhancing the beauty and charm of a pair of eyes is sometimes no easy feat, but,women can Buy Eyeshadow Palette Online and make it happen

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First proof of eye shadow existence in human civilization can be traced back to 12 thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt. Then, females used a substance called kohl, made from lead, oxidized copper, ochre, ash, malachite, and crushed antimony, burnt almonds and chrysocolla ore.

The world renowned ancient Egyptian beauty Cleopatra wore eyeshadow to make it look more dramatic, appealing and mysterious. It was also worn for medical and religious reason back then.

Ultra marine and malachite stones were used in Ancient Greece to make eye-shadow known as “focus”. Another interesting fact is circa 11th century Japanese girls used to beautify their eyes with rice flour, bird droppings, and crushed flower petals! Talk about DIY!

Japanese girls not just used eyeshadow to adorn their eyes also, but they believed it could avoid eye infections and conjunctivitis.

1. The basis of a pressed eyeshadow is talc or mica. These are known to make the product ultra smooth so that it flawlessly blends on the eye.

2. Eyeshadow and the like can have a shelf life up to7 years. However, most makeup artists and other professionals advise that you should probably use it for up to 3 years maximum.

3. Available in stick, cream, liquid and many other forms there’s a type of for every preference.

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