Okay, so a while back Microsoft revealed the shiny new Surface Studio. And I must say, it looks sweet. And not just sweet, it looks amazing. Once I saw the announcements, I immediately ran through the specs and from what I saw, I didn’t think it would be too expensive. But bloody hell was I wrong. For $3,000 you are getting something worth under $1.000, at least on the side of the specifications. The cheapest Studio comes with a terabyte of space to stuff your photos into, 8 GB of RAM, an Intel i5 Processor and a dedicated graphics-card.

But Microsoft isn’t the only one to abuse product prices. That is, at least in my opinion, the un-crowned king of goofy prices is Apple. Starting at $1,499, you will get a MacBook rocking at least 8GB of RAM, a 256 GB SSD, a 2.0 GHz dual-core processor and an integrated graphics processor. Wow. That really isn’t much. And don’t let me even get started on mobile devices.

Where does the ridiculous price then come from? Well both are “professional” products, intended only for the people who use their computers professionally. But that doesn’t seem to say anything. Not all professionals need power-house computers. Could it be that the word “professional” is just used as an excuse to bump up the price by a couple of hundred dollars?

The design also affects the price. It is a small engineering wonder that somebody has fitted all the components required into such a small space. And then somebody has thought every tiny little detail through, creating a computer that not only looks good, but also feels nice and solid. Getting the materials for that metallic finish also costs money, but a millimetre of aluminium and plastic just can’t cost that much.

The Surface Studio does come with a few “premium” gadgets. For example the Surface Pen, Keyboard and Mouse have all been well designed with look and quality in mind. The MacBook’s do not come with additional accessories out-of-the-box, but they are laptops and their selling point is somewhere else.

Finally we have the software that comes with the computer. Of course, the full Microsoft Windows 10 Home that costs around $130 ($190 for the pro) here in Finland and the possible Office package can also bump up the prices, but let’s be honest here, you can fit a lot of software in $1.000.

After the components, design, engineering and software, there isn’t much more that could affect the price. I would like to use these devices, but they are way too expensive for my wallet. But for now, I’ll stay with my custom-built ($700) PC capable of running games with good settings and still keeping framerates nice and smooth.