Now that Facebook is public, it is more important now than ever before that they keep their users interested. Whether we admit to it or not, we are very picky about the posts we read on our News Feeds and certain businesses know just what to do to keep our attention. This is what Facebook is looking for—message sharing that keeps users coming back for more. In order to protect this giant social media leader and the investments that businesses have made, it’s only natural that the next step is for businesses to realize their audience’s interests and game on.

Many of the one billion and counting users express their anger towards Facebook’s News Feed filter that blocks them from seeing many of their Facebook friends. The greatest adversity fell upon hopeful businesses that invested funds in growing their Facebook following to ensure consistent communication with their publics. It has become obvious to these businesses that they are not reaching all of their followers and their messages are getting lost in the crowded News Feeds. Businesses are outraged, but should they be?

Facebook’s growth seems to be a win-lose situation for businesses. On one hand, businesses can make many connections and send mass messages to their followers via News Feed, but, as Facebook continues to grow, businesses now have to compete to reach its followers. Facebook users are only seeing the most popular posts, so, to reach more users, businesses have to step up their public relations tactics and practice more strategic, creative, and interactive communication. Before Facebook made this change, businesses didn’t expect to work this hard to communicate with their followers.

If your business is struggling with reaching your followers because of Facebook’s News Feed filter, don’t worry. Here are some tips for reaching your followers so that you receive large and positive feedback.

  1. Advertise your Facebook page by word of mouth, on your business cards, on receipts, and on television ads or in-store posters. Encourage your customers to visit your Facebook page often and offer them exclusive offers that they can only find on your page.
  2. Analyze your audience. Who is your audience and to what messages do they respond? Do the research and be dedicated to meeting your audience’s needs.
  3. Communication is interactive. Create messages that evoke two-way conversation, but remember to be respectful of everyone. Content is everything.
  4. Use captivating photos with your content. This will get your audience’s attention.
  5. Facebook video sharing is major. Invest some dollars into making captivating videos that people want to share. Don’t be afraid to have a sense of humor; likewise, don’t hesitate to share thoughtful stories to which people can relate.
  6. Think of your followers as loyal customers and reward them with valuable and unique information about your organization. You want your followers to feel a sense of belonging.

The key to reaching your followers is to send them to your page and grab their attention with content, videos, and photos that your followers will want to share and like, which will go viral when their friends share and like your post as well. Yes, it would be nice if there were no filter blocking you from your followers, but, just think, if there were no filter our News Feeds would be boring and there would be no more followers to connect with on Facebook. If you are not putting much effort into your Facebook page, it is now time to invest in a social media expert, someone with communication experience, because the stale posts just won’t do anymore.