You all would be familiar with the blogs and for what purpose they are used? Simple- To share information. This is Ryan Tawfiq, a writer & blogger of Today, i have shared this article about building a blog the better way. Hope, you enjoyed.

This is one of the common and vastly improving methods over the internet to share what you have or know. It is also a kind of money-spinner, or you can say a promoter of your venture.

How is a blog built or setup?

Blogs are built in three ways:-

1. On a blogging platform, where your blog title or blog address is integrated with the blogging platform domain, like Here “My site” refers to your blog title, whereas is the platform where you are building your blog. In this way, there is minimal cost/or no cost of setting up your blog.

2. As a separate website. You take a web-hosting plan, buy a domain and then build your site/blog with whatever CMS you want to like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, etc. This one is more popular and considered more viable regarding having a better professional network.

3. You have a site offering some service or selling some products. You integrate a section of “Blog” inside that site and start adding content to that blog explaining about your product/service and new releases, launches and more.

Blogging platforms and tool:

The most common, famous and SEO friendly. It offers you a blogging platform as well as can be used as a CMS (Content Management System) to build a blog website. It is the most feature-rich blogging platform over the internet. The software used by this is also by its namesake- WordPress, an open source software, also known as CMS. It provides the blogs on its platform with various add-on features such as anti-spam filters, traffic stats, custom domains, etc. It is the most SEO friendly blogging network too. There are various themes also available through this website which you can choose for your blog, or you can try a free or paid theme from a host of third-party WordPress theme developers.

There are already various popular blogs on this platform, the most common being- Flickr. And much more in line. If you need more than what the free version offers, you can opt for their premium features that include custom domains, upgraded web hosting resources and more. Ask any blogging expert, and his first suggestion would be – WordPress.

The oldest and most used of the blogging platforms. This blogging service is given by the giant-Google. It also includes various features in its builder platform- such as the Template Designer, a well-known entity, which lets you customize your blog the way you want, anytime. But it is one thing that comes so easily to you. The administrating user interface is so nice and easy; even a novice computer user can run a usual blog over it. One thing that makes it a popular one among the blogging community is that it comes packed with many free offers and features, unlike others. Setting up of Custom Domains here costs you no penny, unlike most others. But currently, it has lost its sheen to the WordPress community, simply due to the availability of less customized and beautiful themes.


This one too is powered by WordPress and packs a bunch of features, such as beautiful premium themes In free, many new and advanced plug-ins, which you won’t find anywhere else. But the basic difference between this and WordPress is that- it gives you 2GB of free space in its web hosting plan, while gives you 3GB.


Tumblr is a kind of micro-blogging platform or in other words: a kind of social network sharing platform. But it has become very popular in the last few years and comes with feature-packed and outstanding features, like audio blogging (a great one too). Like WordPress provides you the privilege of a large base of customized and amazing themes. It also lets you sync with your Facebook and Twitter account, so sharing becomes a lot easier across wide networks.

Apart from these 4, there are much more, but certainly, these are the ones who are the driving force these days. For more on Blogging, keep reading this space.