One of the best teachers I know – Glenn O’Neill of Westport, CT – recently wrote me in response to my question about the ways that he brings out talent in his students. Glenn said:

“In my 20+ years as an educator and coach, my driving force has always been to make EVERY student feel as if they are important to me.

“I will be the first to admit that I have sometimes had to dig long and hard to find ways to connect with particular students.  It is my belief that only when people feel honestly connected to a person can their true talents be realized… My students work hard in my class because they trust that I care about them regardless of their success or failure.  There have been literally thousands of times when a student has surprised me by what they have accomplished.

“Being a part of helping someone achieve a new ‘talent’ is a powerful thing.  I make a point of telling my students that their success is what inspires and motivates me.  For many of them it is the first, and hopefully not the last time that they understand that their success can motivate those in charge.”

Glenn – and others like him – inspired me to create this SlideShare. I hope you find a bit of inspiration here: