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Brighton High School Wishing Merry Christmas to Our Deployed Troops

Cottonwood Heights, UT—11/29/2017—The student body of Brighton High School has been collecting and stuffing items into Christmas Stockings for deployed members of the US Military. On Thursday, December 1st at 10:15 a.m -11:30 a.m. they will be handing over 5,000 stockings to Operation Give who will ship them to overseas. Some of these stockings will be going to members of the Utah National Guard who are deployed in Afghanistan.

Brighton High School is located at 2220 Bengal Blvd, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

This is the 12th year of Operation Christmas Stockings run by Chief Warrant Officer Paul Holton (Ret.) and Operation Give. Operation Give currently has a goal of sending 25,000 Christmas Stockings this year. They are currently at 10,000 stockings. They are seeking both in-kind and cash donations. You can donate funds at or

Operation Give is seeking the following items, please send them to:

Operation Give

2275 S 900 W

Salt Lake City, UT 84119

• Christmas Cards• iTunes Cards• Long socks• CD’s/DVD’s• Games, Dominos, Yo-yo, Playing Cards• Hand sanitizer• Deodorant• Shoe deodorizers• Foot powder for Athlete’s foot• Travel clock• Wet wipes• Body & Face Lotions• Body & Face soaps• Eye Drops• Sunglasses• Shampoo / Conditioner• Bug spray• Calendar• Shaving Cream• Disposable razors• Small flashlight• Sunscreen• Lip balm• Small multi-tool• Clip on Lights• AT&T Calling cards• Tiny personal fan• Pen/Mechanical pencil• SD Cards/Thumb Drives• Toothbrush & paste• Dental floss• Individual pkg. of tissue• Protein Powder mixes• Canned air / hand duster• Powdered seasonings, marinades, sauces & spices• Dry erase markers / board• Reading Books• American flags• Office supplies: tape, Large / small note pads• GPS watch, compass• Nerf footballs, Frisbee• Charcoal briquettes• Cash• Healthy Snacks• Disposable camera—include a photo of yourself with it before sending!• Non-perishable-food items—Cookies, Candies, Gum, Granola bars, beef jerky, crackers, cheese whiz, peanut butter, powdered drinks, etc.• Send small trees with Christmas decorations• Chocolate, fudge, nuts* Healthy snacks


About Operation Give:

Operation Give began when Paul, a member of the Utah Army National Guard, was activated and sent to Iraq in early spring, 2003. He began to send back emails, detailing his time and activities, to a friend back in Salt Lake City, who then created a Weblog (Blog) so that others could read Paul’s journal.

Paul’s family and some friends and co-workers began sending packages to Paul with items to make life in the desert, in the summer, more bearable. Paul began to share these with other GI’s in his group, and then even with the POW’s and townspeople of the area.

The genesis of Operation Give, Joys through Toys, began when Paul posted a story on his Blog about a little Iraqi girl he encountered. This story was also published in the bestselling book, “Collateral Kindness: The True Story of an Army Interrogator in Iraq.” This book can be ordered on Amazon and other major bookstores.

For more information, contact:

Rodney Fife

Ironrod Media

(385) 225 5997