The UK recently voted to leave the European Union in a result that seemed to surprise even those running the Brexit campaign. There have been reports of a generational divide in the country. Many mature voters have an expectation of returning the nation to its former glory. Meanwhile younger voters wanted to embrace the benefits of a united Europe and the opportunities that come with cooperating and collaborating with their neighbors.

The campaign between the two parties appeared to be a battle between the old and new ways of thinking. Basically, voters were asked to choose between staying as they are or going back to how they were. However, the reality is that nobody can turn back the clock and live in the past, we are all heading in the same direction — the future.

One of the principles I teach is Futureview. This methodology provides the ability to project yourself into the future and then look back at your present position from that future point of view. The principle reads like this: How you view the future shapes how you act today, and how you act today shapes your future. Your future view will determine the future you. Now let’s put a voting filter on the principle and see what happens. How you view the future shapes how you vote today, and how you vote will shape your future. Put this way, it’s clear that voting is an important way to shape the future.

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