While the relatives of the deceased of MH17 rushed to the airport, the Russian president is in the spotlight with several countries pressing him for answers.

Defense analysts and intelligence have confirmed that only automated missile array systems would be able to reach to the civilian aircraft.

Thus with the information provided, they have concluded that the missile that shot down the Boeing 777 with about 300 people on board was one that came from a Buk missile array, also known as the SA-11, which is made in Russia.

According to the educators, the SA-11 is a mobile missile battery and it has a fully automated firing system, which can be fired by anyone who has had proper training in setting up from a trained military personnel.

This news is shocking to the world as the ones who acknowledged the attack is none other than Igor Strelkov – the self proclaimed defense minister of Donetsk, who is actually leading dissidents in Ukraine on the attacks against the government.

American now seems to have a reason to blame Russia for providing weapons to dissidents attacking Ukraine. This is not withholding the indirect claim of blaming them for shooting down a civilian aircraft full of Europeans.

As much as Putin himself has not acknowledged on the claim, he did not deny on it as well.

What has happened so far only provided enough evidence for Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko to escalate his demands to remove the dissidents, and this may actually get Russia to reveal their true colors towards their support of the dissidents.

US has already taken actions to sanction their support for Russia with the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict.

What will go on from here will be obvious – the US will have a better reason to push the sanctions further until Russia comes back to the table to negotiate terms.

MH17 was carrying 283 passengers and 15 crew on board a Boeing 777 aircraft which was shot down in Eastern Ukraine.