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It’s the Talent, Stupid


Six presidential campaigns later, I’ve still got Bill Clinton’s iconic 1992 slogan running through my head: It’s the economy, stupid. But it’s not the economy that I’m thinking about–it’s corporate relocation that’s on my mind. What was so effective about Clinton’s irresistible one-liner is the way it redirected American attention. He not-so-politely told us that,…

The Conscious Company and Other Myths


The Conscious Company: it’s that buzzy piece of corporate speak we’ve all been hearing and using without really thinking about it. The irony is that we’re not conscious of what so-called company consciousness actually means. What most organizations really mean when they call themselves “conscious” is conscientious: wishing to do what is right. There are…

DIY Healthcare With 3D Printing: Personalized, Inexpensive and Groundbreaking

3D print

An important current trend is the Maker Movement. When applied to healthcare, patients can hack their illnesses with simple modifications. Patients are making a difference by driving solutions in their own care, on an individual case-by-case basis. The Maker Movement has begun to intersect with healthcare in long-reaching, meaningful ways. It has become a fundamental…