There is something fishy going on at the MH17 crash site – apparently someone doesn’t want the truth to be found out.

Igor Strelkov, leader of the pro-Russian separatists, claims that the bodies found at the crash site were dead prior to the crash and they were drained of blood and reeked of decomposition. Large amounts of blood serums and medications were also allegedly found in the wreckage.

People were baffled by the refusal of entry yesterday for a 30-man team of professional investigators coming from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) into the crash site. They were held off by heavily armed rebels who sent the team back an hour later with warning shots fired by the team commander.

Michael Bociurkiw, spokesman of the OSCE team told The Guardian that there is a lot of work to be done – The bodies are starting to bloat and decay which will require an expert team to analyze the bodies to provide answers with regards to the crash. He also added that they will not stop visiting the site since the experts from Netherlands and Malaysia have gathered in Kiev to provide support in the investigation of the MH17 crash.

The outcome is ironic as there was a video conference that took place on Thursday with the separatists and former Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma, who acted as the representative of the current president. In that conference it was understood that international investigators like OSCE would be granted access, but what happened to Bociurkiw showed otherwise.

It was only earlier today that the investigators were granted entry, and investigations were done under the close eye of armed rebels who followed the investigators everywhere. They were only allowed access to the roadway, where the local miners, volunteers and emergency-service workers retrieved the bodies and loaded them into the trucks.

The official statement from the Ukraine Government, it states that the bodies will be brought to a morgue in Donetsk where autopsies will be done, and even claims that the pro-separatists are stealing wreckage evidence as part of a coverup.

While Putin puts the full blame to Kiev and President Obama pressurizing him to tell the truth, there is more to be told in time to come, especially with the missile that was made in Russia.