Our first electric Braun shaver in this arrangement comes the distance from German Tech Industry known as Braun. The Braun arrangement 7 is probably the most well known arrangement at any point worked by this organization and the model 790cc is the most sold Best electric shaver ever. The Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver has the world’s recently sharp sonic advancement that subsequently constructs control in troublesome zones. Filled by a lithium molecule battery, the Braun Series 7 790cc 3D  electric shaver is the sharp choice for the seeing man. Generally gentler and more powerful than any pivoting shaver, the Series 7 structures to the twists of your face with versatile sharp edges on a totally turning head for most extraordinary degree. This Best electric shaver furthermore changes with your stubbles thickness, using something like 10,000 scaled down scale vibrations for every minute when required. With less strokes and weight required, the results are smooth skin without the skin pestering. Likewise, as the Series 7 electric razor shaves as close as 0.05mm, as thin as an extensive part of a human hair, that smoothness continues going longer, for a significantly powerful and overwhelming shave. The Best electric shaver additionally accompanies a Clean Charge station, the world’s just 5-activity liquor based framework that hygienically cleans, charges, and greases up the cutting edges and shaver. Built, tried and made in Germany, you are ensured excellent execution consistently, for up to 7 years.

What isolates Braun accuracy shavers from others?

An outstanding shaving result consolidates closeness and skin comfort with no bargains. With Braun Series 7 you are picking our cutting edge electric razor with driving innovation.

Effective and close: Series 7 trims more hair in one stroke than others do in two. In spite of its four specific shaving components, the head is intended to be additional thin. This permits it to fit into difficult to-achieve regions, along shapes and under the nose where massive shavers have a tendency to fizzle.

Delicate on skin: Like all Braun shavers, Series 7 goes in straight lines. You don’t have to go over a similar spot twice which altogether lessens the danger of skin disturbance.

German craftsmanship: All Series 7 accuracy shavers are outlined, designed and made in Germany. Premium shavers worked to last at least 7 years.


You’re shaving structure is given a phenomenal rope set, which has a planned Safety Extra Low Voltage control supply. Do whatever it takes not to exchange or modify any bit of it, for the most part there is risk of electric daze. This machine is not expected for use by youths or individuals with diminished physical or mental limits, unless they are given supervision by a man responsible for their prosperity. With everything taken into account, we propose that you keep the mechanical assembly a long way from adolescents. Ignitable. Substance may blast into flares. Make an effort not to smoke. Use just in an inside and out ventilated domain. Maintain a strategic distance from flares, for instance, a pilot light and any question that shimmers, for instance, an electric motor. Keep dashed up. Keep a long way from youths.


Budget Friendly

Flexible and Pivoting Head

Personalization Modes

Solid Built and Pure Quality

Automatic cleaning and charging dock


Absence of Wet & Dry Technology

The Braun Series 7790CC Shaver passes on our most pleasant shave, even on tricky skin. Sharp edges peacefully assemble hair in perfect trimming position to diminish disturbing that has comfort rings coast effortlessly over your skin to reduce grinding while the fragile precision front lines intentionally trim hairs for a smooth finish with less irritation. Dynamic flex shaving heads frame and flex in 5 course to effectively take after each twist of your face and neck. Splendid Clean, cleaning cartridge, quick snap precision trimmer, control rope, and travel case. Ceaselessly remain with us.