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ROBERT C.S. “BOBBY” MONKS is a serial entrepreneur who has founded, led, and grown nineteen businesses in the financial services, real estate, media, and technology sectors. Monks was chairman of Spinnaker Trust, managing over $1 billion in assets. He was chairman of Institutional Shareholder Services, the leading provider of corporate governance and proxy services, and founder and director of Atlantic Bank. He lives in New York and Maine.


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Greed Is Hard-Wired

By Bobby Monks and Kathleen Campion Dante Alighieri, cataloguing the weakness of sinners, consigns the avaricious to the fourth circle of hell. Of course, that was a long time ago. Today, we celebrate greed. With the movies The Wolf of Wall Street, Margin Call and The Big Short making money and showing us all how…

AI: More Than Robo, Less Than Magic

By Bobby Monks and Kathleen Campion When sailors speak of “blue water,” they anticipate taking a boat offshore, out of sight of land, and usually for an extended cruise – an adventure underwritten by a frisson of risk. Much of the chatter about artificial intelligence has the patina of blue-water thinking about it. Its promise…

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Bobby Monks

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