This article is the summary of what I have learned from the online Big Data Analytics – Demos course of Big Data University.

Big Data is the large amount of data which is mostly unstructured data. And we know that the data is rapidly growth. Moreover, it seems the usual tools don’t work well with the Big Data.

The traditional approach before the Big Data happens, IT people usually get the problems or the questions from the business users. Then, the IT people have to develop or invent the system or technology to solve the given problems.

In the world of Big Data, IT people develop the platform or invent the awesome innovations then analyze, interpret or create some problems after that the business users will solve the problems.

The next question is why big data?
The answers are :
1. Human Fault Tolerance
2. Minimize CaPex
Since we don’t have to
3. Hyper Scale on Demand
4. Low Learning Curve

Example of Big Data Analytics: Social Network Analytics, Email Analytics

In case that you want to know more about Big Data Analytic. You can learn online for free and you will get the certificate if you passed the exam.

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