The Two Tier Bike Rack is the ultimate option for achieving excellent space saving bike storage whilst ensuring a usable system for your users. Two-tier stands are only really appropriate for long-term parking – such as at railway stations – due to the difficulty of lifting bikes in and out of these stands. Two-tier parking only really makes sense Two tier cycle parking at locations where people will be leaving their bikes for longer periods of time, and where demand is particularly high. The Bike Shelters is easy to use and allows the cyclist to secure their cycle at two points using their own locking mechanism.

Cycle Shelters is ideal for railways, universities, colleges and transport interchanges where multiple cycles need to be parked in a small space. In fact, the number of bike commuters has increased double digits in most cities over the last five years. If you send us your draft site plan, we can check that the layout works well and suggest changes if necessary. A premium grade is used to manufacture our cycle stands ensuring long lasting dependable surface life. The Hoop Rack uses thick pipe construction and the full radius of the bend makes the Hoop an attractive and functional bike rack. Cycle-Works installed the first 2-tier racks in the UK for Transport. The Standard Secure Two Tier Cycle Rack has all the benefits of the Standard, plus extra protection for the front wheel.

Contemporary bus shelters and a circular two tier bike Shelters bicycle shelter provide a special charm to the carpool parking area. Make sure that these racks meet the requirements mentioned above so that they function well. For more information, please visit our site