More and more people are using the Internet to either supplement their often insufficient income, or actually make a living. Regardless of the reasons and motivation, there’s an increasing number of options available, each with its advantages and limitation. Still, if you approach the matter carefully enough and set realistic goals, the time you spend online might not be wasted. On the contrary, the virtual world may bring you that nice little bit of extra cash to boost your budget. So, let’s look at some of the things you might want to consider.

Online surveys and tests

These are quite popular among those who can’t afford to allocate a lot of free time and who don’t expect to make a fortune. Various sites offer money if you accept to take a survey or test a website as a potential customer. The answers you give or the way you use a website provide valuable information to the site owners, while you’re rewarded with a small compensation for your time.

Some sites which require services from people pay you in advance, hoping that you’ll later like the product they are offering and feel obliged to buy it, or that you’ll simply forget to cancel the trial, which would allow them to charge you. But, if you’re responsible enough to make sure you cancel your subscription before the deadline, this could be an idea worth considering.


If you’re not keen on writing and don’t feel the buzz when you share your thoughts with the world, you should probably avoid this idea. Another disadvantage is the fact that it can’t start bringing money instantly. You need to be extremely patient and persistent with your blog and build both your reputation and the number of followers steadily. Only then might it be realistic to expect some money coming in.

The way to make money by blogging is to sell adverting space on your site, but for companies to be interested in you, you need to have respectable traffic every day and the topic(s) that you deal with in your posts must be relevant to those wishing to advertise on your site. You could also use it to sell your own product or services, but you need to be careful about the legal aspect of it. Namely, you mustn’t mislead your readers into believing that you are a professional (if that’s not really the case) offering advice or service.

Online gambling

This may seem a very difficult way of having a guaranteed income, but the very existence of professional online gamblers proves that it is not impossible. Naturally, success can’t be expected instantly unless you’re already skillful at various games. Even then, it doesn’t mean that your excellent record from the brick-and-mortar casinos will be matched by one in virtual casinos.

What you might do, regardless of your experience and knowledge, is hone your skills playing free casino games. This should give you both the confidence and experience before making a switch to the “real deal”. On the other hand, it could also show that you’re still not good enough as a gambler.

Selling online

This is becoming increasingly popular, with the number of people using the Internet to sell or buy stuff rising constantly. Whether you’re just trying to get rid of some things you no longer need, or want to raise the bar and set up an online retail business, the tips are the same: be honest with product descriptions, make the transaction as smooth and safe as possible, and try to have as many returning customers as possible, since they’re also those who’ll provide the necessary “word-of-mouth” for your business.

Your own online company

From writing to designing, from answering phones to transcribing information, there are many options available to those who wish to work from the comfort of their own home. In most cases, the money earned will be modest, but it might be just enough to help you get by until some other, more lucrative opportunity comes your way.

Whichever options you explore and for whatever reason, make sure you’re realistic about the amount of time you can spend online and the kinds of jobs you can do. Also, be patient and invest in improving your online presence, since that’s the only way to boost income. And remember: it’s impossible to start making a mint overnight.