1 – The Island Drangey

Drangey is a small uninhabited island that stands smack in the middle of the fjord called Skagafjörður. Indeed, the human presence on the island is nothing, but what about the animal can be considered a true seabird sanctuary.

2 – Siglufjörður

Siglufjörður is a fishing village located along the northern coast of the island. Once a thriving port for herring fishing, it is now a place that is gradually depopulated because of its harsh climate and its remoteness from Ring1, the main road that connects the entire country.

3 – Hvitserkur

Hvitserkur is a rocky cliff that is located on the northwest coast of the island. It is reached via a gravel road and around it, you can find only a hostel. On top of it, and all around, you can find a variety of water birds that nest is on its walls on adjacent beaches.

4 – Myvatn Nature Baths (valuable advice)

One of the best tours in Iceland, if not the most famous, is certainly the Blue Lagoon. This kind of natural swimming pool (so famous for the color of the beneficial properties that it brings and the wonderful lunar landscape that surrounds it) does not is definitely a place at a good price.

5 – Old city center of Akureyri

Akureyri is Iceland’s second most populous city with its 17,500 inhabitants. For this reason, it is also called the “Northern Capital “, as it is right at the extreme northern reaches of the island, at the end of the longest fjord of Iceland called Eyjafjörður.

6 – Hruni

Enjoy Best Tour In Iceland with Hruni. Hruni is one of the many natural hot springs found in Iceland. It rises in the middle of the homonymous campaigns, in the southwestern part of the island, and has been adapted for use through the construction of two tanks in cement and of a cabinet to within which they can change. The access remains totally free of charge.

7 – Kerlingarfjöll

If you love nature, mountains, and hiking, this is the place for you. Kerlingarfjöll is a mountainous group that is located in the interior of Iceland between two glaciers.

8 – Port of Reykjavik

When you are in Reykjavik, one cannot make a turn near the harbor. Starting from Harpa, the beautiful glass structure that houses various types of concerts and shows, you can take the road that runs along the quay and leading up to the “Old Port”.

9 – Reykjavik Museum of Photography

One of the places presents in Reykjavik in my opinion the most underrated by tourists it is the Museum of Photography. Consisting only of a room, not too big, however, hosts exhibitions of great artistic value such as Ragnar Axelsson, Icelandic photographer who bases his work on the same society and culture of his country, that groelandese and the Faroe Islands.

10 – Kex Hostel

The Kex hostel is a very special hostel (and one of the coolest in Europe) located in the center of Reykjavik. It owes its name to its past life before becoming hostel was in fact a biscuit factory and its particularity is to have left virtually unchanged the internal structure.